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Booty Facial- $140

Back Facial- $140

Glow Facial-$160

Acne Facial- $140

Anti Aging Facial- $150

Detox Facial- $160

Prenatal Facial- $150

Gentlemen's Facial- $140

Spa Services

Microplaning- $75

Ultrasonic Cavitation- $100

Laser Lipolysis- $80

Booty and Hip Enhancement- $200

Breast Enhancement-$150

Body Tightening- $100

Cellulite Reduction- $100

Jawline Contour- $100

Face, Neck and Chin Reduction-$120

Stomach Fat Reduction and Tighten-$180

Arm Fat Reduction and Tighten-$150

Thigh Fat Recution and Tighten- $150

Full Body Fat Reduction and Tighten-$600

Spa Services: Service
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